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Japan is in the Far East, beyond China and Korea. It comprises four major islands: Hokkaido,
Honshu (the main island), Shikoku, and Kyushu. Shimukappu is in the heart of Hokkaido,
the northernmost island. 
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Location, Land Area, Name

Shimukappu is in the heart of Hokkaido. The village measures 571.31km2, 94% of which is forested mountains. The surrounding mountains give us a continental climate, with great differences between daytime and nighttime temperatures.Winters can bring as much as 100 cm of snowfall.
The village's name is a variation of the Ainu word shimokap, meaning "tranquil upstream area." Calm and peaceful, the village remains true to its name.
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Village Emblem

Village Emblem
 Our emblem was designed in 1963, on the 60th anniversary of  the village. At  the center in orange is the character for the "Shimu" of Shimukappu, enclosed by an outer design that suggests the verdant mountains ringing the village. The emblem represents a thriving village where local people join hands in a circle of cooperation.

Village motto

Village motto
Shimkappu, Encounters with Nature