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The Japanese are said to favor natural flavors, a preference that is well reflected in Japanese cuisine. The fundamental philosophy behind traditional Japanese cooking is to highlight each ingredient's innate flavors. As one of travel's greatest pleasures is food, we would like to introduce some classic Japanese dishes.

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Fresh seafood is served with rice that is seasoned with vinegar, sugar, salt and other flavors. There are different styles of sushi: nigiri-zushi (slices of raw fish pressed onto small cylindersof rice), chirashi-zushi(seafood and vegetables mixed with rice), and makizushi(sushi rolls). Nigirizushi is the sushi that most travelers are likely to be familiar with.


Fresh seafood and vegetables are dipped in a batter of flour and egg and then deep fried in vegetable oil.

Nabe (hotchpotch)

Seafood, meat and vegetables are simmered in broth in a large pot at the table.One of the most popular dishes of the village, it is often enjoyed among families and close friends.