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Chuo Area


Shimukappu Village Office

 The office's planning section promotes international exchanges, and its education committee handles student exchange programs.

Community Plaza

Community Plaza, just behind the roadside rest area. has a multipurpose hall, a kitchen, a meeting room and a library.
These are widely used by local residents for cultural activities. festivals and other events. 

Road Station (Michi no Eki)

 A roadside rest area called the "Shimukappu, Encounters with Nature Road Station" provides sightseeing information on the village as well as that on other towns. A dining hall, a buffet restaurant and a photo shop are in the same building. It is a convenient spot for drivers to dine. shop and rest.
The soft-serve ice cream of the restaurant "Milk Kitchen Fry Pan" is a big favorite.

Product Center (Bussankan)

The 1st floor houses a lounge and souvenir shops. The 2nd floor exhibits the village's main products and provides panels showing scenic spots, and important documents of the pioneering era. The restaurant serves mostly Western food. We recommend the beef stew and the tonkatsu (deep-fried breaded pork cutlet). 

Post Office

 You've got mail for loved ones?
Drop by this post office and let us help you.