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International Exchanges

The Village of Shimukappu is a sister city of Aspen, Colorado (U.S.A.). Aspen is one of America's the most renowned resorts, with more than 50 years of history.

About Aspen

Aspen is 320 km west of Denver, the state capital.
A 45-minute flight or a four-and-half-hour drive brings you from Denver.
The town is at 2400 m and is surrounded by 4200-m-high mountains.
It is a superb resort where refreshing breezes stir the forest in summer and sublime powder awaits skiers in winter.
It has developed as a city of arts and culture, as well. International conferences and music festivals such as the International Design Conference and the Aspen Music Festival are held there.

Exchanges between Shimukappu and Aspen

In 1986, ski resorts in Aspen and Tomamu established a friendship affiliation. That was the first step in formalizing exchanges.
In 1989, exchanges of junior high school students started. On August 29, 1991, a signing ceremony for sister-city relations was held in Aspen City.
Native speakers are invited from Aspen to teach English to villagers including children. In addition, we are working together on designing village streets, publishing a collection of photographs,promoting exchange visits of residents and hosting international conferences.