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What to See

Aka'iwa Seigan-kyo(gorge of red boulders and greenery)

Aka'iwa Seigan-kyo is a magnificent gorge whose walls soar in a spectacular contrast of red and blue rocks, some of them immense and others oddly shaped.
The turn of the seasons here is breathtaking, with azalea and magnolia blooming in spring, dense verdure brightening the summer, and lovely hues appearing in autumn. The serene Mukawa River flows through the gorge on its way to the Pacific.
The area is known for fishing, rock-climbing,rafting and other outdoor sports.


Fall foliage at Soshubetsu

The name "Soshubetsu" originates from the Ainu for "a river with a waterfall." The area's natural splendor has been preserved untouched. Soshubetsu Dam is a hidden jewel, verdant in summer and enchanting in fall, when its waters reflect the autumn hues.