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Traditional Culture

Seigan Daiko(Taiko Drum)

This drum was made in 1986. The dynamic drumming performance recalls the spirit of the pioneers who reclaimed Shimukappu's virgin forest. The Seigan Daiko Club has groups for adults and for children.
The members demonstrate their progress at village events. Enjoy a performance by the children's group at the Furusato (hometown) Festival on the first Sunday of August.

Shimukappu Kagura

 At the end of the Meiji era, more than ten farming families from Hiroshima Prefecture settled in Shimukappu. They brought with them the traditional Hiroshima Kagura performing art. When succeeding generations in Shimukappu failed to keep the tradition alive, it gradually faded.

In 1982, the Shimukappu Kagura Preservation Association was established to recall our forebears'spirit and to revive this tradition.The performance was officially named "Shimukappu Kagura."It has been developing as an art form of the village.