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Forest Animals

Shimukappu, blessed with natural abundance, is a paradise of wildlife.
There are northern red foxes, brown bears, Ezo deer, Siberian chipmunk, red squirrels, Russian flying squirrels , gray herons and Ural owls, to name just a few.
Let us introduce the wildlife living in the village.
You never know when you might catch a glimpse.

photo gallery

  • Ezo sable
  • northern red foxes
  • Ezo deer
  • Siberian chipmunk
  • Russian flying squirrels
  • Steller's sea eagle
  • Asian house martin
  • northern goshawk
  • white‐eye
  • landlocked masu salmon
  • brown bears


  • Beautiful as they are, the mountains of Shimukappu are a habitat of brown bears. If you go fishing or hiking, please take precautions to avoid encountering bears. One way is to carry a bell. Try not to be alone .
  • To preserve nature and protect wildlife, please do not feed the animals and make sure to bring your trash out with you.